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Internet Media Membership Application
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In an effort to better communicate with and inform the general public and targeted audiences, the IPCPR is pleased to work with the Internet news media. To do so, we recognize this category of media as having its own set of responsibilities, rules and regulations.

Internet Media Membership

  1. Includes electronic media serving the tobacco industry, its supporters and consumers of its products primarily utilizing Internet‐related distribution methods.

  2. Association membership is granted to individual media in this category at a rate equal to that of retail members. *

    1. Benefits to Internet media members will be the same as retail members, except for access to free certification by Tobacconist University.

    2. One Internet media member will be permitted entrance to the IPCPR Annual Convention & International Trade Show. Additional badges for Show entry may be obtained at the standard rate as that which retail members obtain additional badges for entry.**

  3. Internet media desiring to attend the IPCPR Annual Convention & International Trade Show must be members in good standing of IPCPR and must abide by its rules and regulations for Internet media (attached).

  4. Internet media members must display IPCPR Internet media badges at all times while attending the Show and its related events.

(*) As of 12/1/16, membership rate for Retail Members of IPCPR is $450 per member.

(**) As of 12/1/16, two (2) additional badges to the Show may be obtained by Internet media members at the rate of $150 per badge. Badges are restricted to individuals who are working with and are directly associated with the Internet media member.

Media Badge Rules and Restrictions IPCPR Annual Convention & International Trade Show

There are several rules that apply to all media and we ask for your full cooperation in adhering to them.

These guidelines apply to all IPCPR‐sponsored events and are not limited solely to the trade show floor during trade show hours:

  1. During trade show hours, we ask that you respect the time of the exhibitors and do not interrupt their business, as this time is for the retail members to work directly with the suppliers.

  2. Under no circumstances will you request, solicit or otherwise ask manufacturers and other suppliers for free goods including, but not limited to, cigars, pipes, accessories or other products.

  3. You are prohibited from soliciting ads for your medium on the show floor.

  4. You may use your own video and still cameras and recording equipment. IPCPR does not provide such

    equipment and is not responsible for damage, theft, or other consequences to your equipment at the show.

  5. Not allowed: strobe or stationary lighting for video cameras and other equipment and booms of any kind regardless of their purpose.

  6. No one under the age of 18 will be admitted to the Show.

    If you are found in violation of any of the aforementioned guidelines, your trade show badge may be confiscated and you may be ejected from the trade show floor and all related show events.

These guidelines apply to the Show and IPCPR‐sponsored events.

In order to pick up your badges at registration, you will be required to present government‐issued IDs (driver’s license, passport, etc.). The names registered with the IPCPR or its designated representatives for media badges must match the name or names listed on the IDs—no exceptions. If the names do not match, the badge(s) will not be issued. Ours is a private show, exclusively for members of IPCPR. The public is not invited.

All arrangements must be made prior to the Show with IPCPR officials or their designated representatives. Exceptions may be considered on an individual basis.


Internet media requesting IPCPR membership and/or registration at the IPCPR Annual Convention & International Trade Show may be asked to provide any or a combination of the following:

    • A business card with name, editorial title and media outlet’s registered domain name and logo;
    • Evidence of coverage of other tobacco industry events or products by their media outlet.
    • Only journalists with news Web sites qualify for Internet Media badges.
    • Online journalists must have bylined articles on the site or other evidence of their contributions to the media.
    • Non‐editorial positions are not eligible for media credentials.
    • Personal web pages and personal or non‐cigar blogs will not be accepted.
    • Web sites and podcasters must be previously established and updated regularly – preferably at least monthly with original and current interactive cigar and pipe industry news and/or reviews.
    • URLs to your articles with your name and title appearing in an editorial capacity. Your articles must have been published within the last six months.
    • An online news outlet must contain original news content or product reviews above and beyond links, forums, troubleshooting tips and reader contributors. Each news outlet must have a reporting staff of two or more and must post original, dated, industry‐related news, preferably at least once per week.
    • Those who freelance occasionally and are employed by non‐news organizations are not eligible for Internet Media credentials.
    • All applicants for Internet media membership in IPCPR must submit traffic data from a third party, (Sitemeter, Technorati, Feedburner/Google, iTunes or an equivalent), if available, in order to be considered. While the decision to grant access is not based solely on traffic/subscriber data, we do ask that applicants provide some degree of transparency into their operations in order for us to make a fair and timely decision on an application.
    • If you qualify for another form of IPCPR membership, you cannot be qualified for Internet media membership in IPCPR.
    • Reselling of products obtained at the IPCPR Show is prohibited. Evidence related to reselling such products will result in revocation of Internet media membership in IPCPR.
    • Candidates for Internet media membership may be asked to submit at least three references from active IPCPR members, preferably retailers and/or associate members.

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