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Premium Cigar PAC Preapproval
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Complete the form below and sign electronically for Premium Cigar Legislative Updates and PAC Information. Sign all 5 years for your convenience!

Federal law requires Premium Cigar PAC to obtain written permission from you before soliciting for contributions.  Approval does not obligate you to contribute; however, it does allow Premium Cigar PAC to keep you informed about political and legislative issues and activities. I authorize Premium Cigar PAC to communicate with and solicit contributions from me and those within my company’s “restricted class,” and I am permitted to make this authorization on behalf of my company. I understand that my company may only grant permission to one trade association for the calendar years listed below, and that I may not sign this authorization if my company has already granted permission to another trade association PAC.

Such approval is granted for the following years (federal law requires a separate signature for each year):

Provide the names of the executive or administrative personnel, as well as any paid members of the board of directors employed by your company, whom we may contact for contribution:

Premium Cigar PAC is a qualified multicandidate committee. FEC ID # C00450239

If you have any questions, please contact Tori Ellington at 202-849-6049 or

Authorized by Premium Cigar PAC, John Anderson, Treasurer. A copy of our report is filed with the Federal Election Commission and is available upon request from the FEC Public Records Office, Washington, DC; phone: (202) 694-1120.

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